Compact Control Panel

Harken’s Compact Control Panel provides sailors with a single-speed, single-function panel pump for remote cylinder operation. This no-frills model is clean and uncomplicated, with the same quality you expect from a Harken hydraulic product. The double-acting pump delivers oil when the pump handle is pushed and pulled, moving oil efficiently through the system. The panel’s pressure-release knob cannot be over-tightened by hand and cause damage to the valve. Pressure relief is factory-set at a maximum 5000 psi to prevent crew from over-tensioning the system. The panel’s small footprint takes up very little space, providing a variety of mounting options. The wide bolt pattern on the pump minimizes stress and stabilizes the pump.

The kit comes with pump, valve manifold, 2-liter tank, handle, filter, and hose.

Available in black hardcoat-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.

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  • Italia
  • New Zealand
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