Captive Reel Winches

Harken captive reel winches represent a leap forward in captive winch design. The result of four years of intense development at Harken Italy’s dedicated facility, captive winches are offered with pulling loads of 1.5 to 18 tons, with larger models currently under development. Winches are driven by a sealed inner motor gearbox, and are modular in construction for easy maintenance and service. Drum lengths vary to fit individual project requirements.

The winch frame and drum are 6061 hardcoat-anodized aluminum with carbon fiber gear cover to reduce weight. The feeder screw nut is made of aluminum and self-lubricating composite.

Captives are driven by industrial-sealed hydraulic motors. Winches 6T and up are offered with variable-speed motors; 1.5T and 3T with fixed-displacement motors; custom solutions for higher loads are available.

The synchronized transmission uses two gear sets (four gears) to drive the twin feeder screws. To change line diameter, the gear sets must be replaced.

The feeder transmission’s twin feeder screws balance the load on the feeder, allowing line to lie smoothly on the drum—even when slack. The double-screw design positions the screws close to the drum, reducing winch size over similarly configured winches.

Two inner magnetic switches are set at the feeder’s active stroke limits to prevent over-travel. Two outer fail-safe limit switches automatically engage the brake.

All parts connected to hydraulic or electrical circuitry are positioned on the same side for maintenance. The screw bearings and gear transmission are also located on this side for easy inspection. Bearings are sealed and lubricated with grease. The main gearbox is sealed and lubricated with oil.

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