Pressurized Reservoirs
All Harken pressurized reservoirs have translucent sections in the reservoir walls, making it easy to monitor oil levels. Pressurized reservoirs require very little maintenance and are cleaner than those that use ambient air pressure. They can be installed in the bilge rather than at pump level to provide a low center of gravity.

Harken offers four sizes of Grand-Prix pressurized reservoirs (20-, 17-, 13-, and 10-liter) to suit any Grand Prix need. They are among the lightest in existence. Custom sizes and configurations are available. Contact Harken.

Vented Reservoirs
These 2- and 4-liter blow-molded reservoirs are used for smaller Grand Prix systems and production yachts. Reservoirs feature a vented cap to stabilize tank pressure and prevent leaks. Translucent materials allow oil levels to be easily monitored. 10 mm (3/8") hose barbs are welded to the reservoir for supply and return hoses.

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