Hydraulic Cylinder Rod End Blocks

These reverse-purchase blocks allow you to move loaded line while keeping cylinder length as short as possible, saving weight and space. They can be used anywhere a reverse purchase is needed: cunninghams, stay deflectors, travelers, and athwartship jib systems. Blocks are rigid when mounted to the rod. They are available in single, single with becket, and double versions for reverse purchases from 1:2 to 1:4.

  Prod No. Name Fits Rod Ø (mm)Reverse Purchase
Single HYCBS11 Single 111:2
Double (can be used as becket block) HYCBD11 Double (can be used as becket block) 111:3, 1:4
Single(1) HYCBS13 Single 131:2
Double (can be used as becket block)(1) HYCBD13 Double (can be used as becket block) 131:3, 1:4
Single(2) HYCBS16 Single 161:2
Double HYCBD16 Double 161:4
Single(3) HYCBS19 Single 191:2
Double(1) HYCBD19 Double 191:4
Single(4) HYCBS22 Single 221:2
Double(2) HYCBD22 Double 221:4
Single/becket HYCBB22 Single/becket 221:3
Single/becket(1) HYCBB19 Single/becket 191:3
Single/becket(2) HYCBB16 Single/becket 161:3
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