27 mm Midrange Accessories

Stand-Up Toggles
Stand-up toggles hold blocks upright on travelers. Stand-up toggles with control tangs allow attachment of ball bearing Carbo control blocks.

Control Block Kits
Kits are available for Midrange cars to add ESP sleeve bearing control systems for up to 4:1 purchase. Combine with ESP end controls.

Track Risers
Use 1849 risers for mid-boom travelers that must clear companionway hatches. Risers fit most cabintops and articulate for use with either straight or curved track. Sold in pairs.

Endstops/Trim Caps
When end controls are not used, add endstops to absorb shock loads. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps finish track ends. Sold in pairs. Fasteners not included.

Splice Links
Splice links join track and keep it aligned during installation.

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