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InterClub Deck Layout


This system uses 40 mm T2™ and Carbo blocks on the boom and the traveler car. A clip/snap hook on the mainsheet bitter end makes it easy to switch from a 2:1 to a 3:1 purchase. The load-sensing 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic® provides 10:1 holding power during ratchet engagement. The unloaded mainsheet releases instantly during mark roundings and jibes.




The Micro track and loop car with a 40 mm T2™ block make this the lightest and smoothest-running traveler system on the water. A traveler limiter line runs from the car through an eyestrap on the center of the aft rail, continuing through an angled Micro Cam with wire fairlead, to a 29 mm Carbo stand-up block. This ensures that when the line is pulled from behind the block it always runs through the cleat.




The vang is made up of 29 mm Carbo and T2™ blocks in an 8:1 cascade. Vang control lines lead to turning blocks and cleat to 150 Cam-Matics® on each rail. IC booms often break where the vang bail bolts through the boom. To solve this problem, tie a 29 mm T2™ block around the boom with Spectra® line. This keeps your boom intact and provides you with a strong, lightweight vang system.


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Class History

Designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1946, the InterClub, or "Ick", is a sturdily built, relatively dry 11.5 foot dinghy created for winter sailing or "frostbiting" as it is commonly known. Sailing legend Cornelius Shields introduced the one-design at Larchmont Yacht Club, Long Island. Soon frostbite fleets sprang up in coves and harbors between Boston, Massachusetts and Annapolis, Maryland. Each IC fleet operates autonomously. However, when fleets come together for yearly Midwinters and National regattas, IC technical regulations are strictly enforced. Frostbite courses are short, with multiple races per day. This sharpens boat handling and tactical skills, giving these "off season" sailors an edge when summer regattas begin.

InterClub Class
Harken Canvas 


Boat Specifications

LOA: 11'-6"
LWL: 11'-6"
Beam: 4'-7"
Sail Area: 72 sq ft