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High-Performance Furling Swivel — 5mm Luff Wire

High-Performance Furling Swivel — 5mm Luff Wire

Part No. 207HP

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Use with furling unit 208, 493L

Swivels are independent of the headstay, allowing you to tension the luff separately from the mast rake. Harken’s high-performance 207HP swivel has needle roller thrust bearings that function smoothly under very high loads required at the top end of sportboat fleets, while matching the dimensions of our other 207 units—making an upgrade easy.
Weight (g)193 g
Weight (oz)6.8 oz
Maximum working load (kg)907 kg
Maximum working load (lb)2000 lb
Use with furling unit208, 493L
Clevis pin Ø (mm)8 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)5/16 in
Pin-to-pin length (mm)97.4 mm
Pin-to-pin length (in)3 27/32 in
Maximum luff wire Ø (mm)5 mm
Maximum luff wire Ø (in)3/16 in