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9 T Stainless Steel Assembly — Fits 629

Part No. HC8224

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Above deck Ø (mm) 108 mm

Above deck Ø (in) 4 1/4 in

Maximum working load (kg) 9070 kg

Maximum working load (lb) 20000 lb

Harken® offers a variety of removable padeyes for blocks from 57 mm Black Magic®, to custom blocks with maximum working loads of 50,715 lbs (23,000 kg). Bases swivel so padeyes align to the load.
Deck cup component HC7403
Top component HC7224
Above deck Ø (mm)108 mm
Above deck Ø (in)4 1/4 in
Weight of deck cup (g)1179 g
Weight of deck cup (oz)41.6 oz
Weight of top (g)807 g
Weight of top (oz)28.5 oz
Weight (kg)1.681 kg
Number of fasteners4
Fasteners (mm)M12 mm
Maximum working load (kg)9070 kg
Maximum working load (lb)20000 lb
Use with 629, C6779