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-12 Double-Pull Cylinder

Part No. HYCP04016xxxxBNN

- Size -12

Zero stroke length (A) (mm) 344.5 mm

Zero stroke length (A) (in) 13.56 in

Double-pull cylinders have rods on both ends and are used with mainsheet travelers or jib sheet car systems to easily adjust loaded sails. What makes Harken® double-pull cylinders unique is the way they are installed on the boat. To take the cylinder off the mounting brackets for service, the user simply removes four screws, leaving both brackets in place.
- Size-12
Zero stroke length (A) (mm)344.5 mm
Zero stroke length (A) (in)13.56 in
Zero stroke bracket spacing (B) (mm)229.4 mm
Zero stroke bracket spacing (B) (in)9.03 in
Mounting retainer Ø (mm)47 mm
Mounting retainer Ø (in)1.9 in
Outside Ø (mm)57 mm
Outside Ø (in)2.2 in
Rod thread size (UNF 2A)5/8-18 UNF 2A
Rod thread length (mm)41 mm
Rod thread length (in)1.6 in
Weight (kg @ zero stroke length + kg/mm stroke)1.76 + .006 kg @ zero stroke length + kg/mm stroke
Weight (lb @ zero stroke length + lb/in stroke)3.87 + .33 lb @ zero stroke length + lb/in stroke
FootnoteOverall bracket spacing equals zero stroke bracket spacing plus the desired stroke.

Overall cylinder length equals zero stroke length plus two times the desired stroke.