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70.3STA Spare Parts

70.3STA Spare Parts

Use the position numbers in the exploded view below to identify a spare part. Scroll over the spare part number to highlight the corresponding Harken product. Click “MORE INFO” to view detail regarding that specific product and click “ADD TO CART” when you are ready to purchase. If you need a replacement for something not shown here, contact customer service or your local Harken dealer to order.
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ID BOM Price
A94146700 more info £351.33
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Base Assembly - 70 Radial Winch

A94147100 more info £74.26
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Jaw Assembly - 70 Radial Winch

Upper jaw adjusts under line pressure; accepts a variety of line sizes. Teeth grip evenly with or without load.

A94147900 more info

Shaft Assembly - 70 Radial Winch

A94154700 more info £97.14
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Socket Assembly - 3-Speed Winch

A94190900 more info £678.12
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Housing Assembly - 70.3 Performa Winch

A96966000 more info £890.36
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Drum - 70 Radial Aluminum Winch

S414730019 more info £134.43
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Stripper Arm - 70 Radial Winch

Stripper arm completely covers rotating winch top, preventing fingers and clothing from catching in moving parts. Adjusts to multiple positions after the winch is mounted to optimize line exit. Shaped to smoothly feed line in and out of self-tailing jaws.

S414760004 more info

Gear - 70 Radial/Performa Winch

S4155500B1 more info £33.73
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Cover - 70.3 Performa Winch