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22 mm A Battcar System

22 mm A Battcar System

Favored by skippers and crew, Harken Battcar systems let you raise, douse, and reef the main instantly from the cockpit, even when close reaching in a big breeze. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost far less, and sails don’t need to be recut. CB and slider Battcar systems use the same track; mix and match to optimize performance and budget. Typical boat size: Monohulls 11.3 - 15.2 m (37 - 50'); mainsail area under 56 m² (600 ft²). Multihulls 9.1 - 12.2 m (30 - 40'); mainsail area under 46 m² (500 ft²).


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Patented wire retaining clips …

Patented wire retaining clips keep balls captive, making cars easy to load and maintain. Composite corner keepers help keep ball bearings captive when the car is off the track. For a cost-effective option, CB+ cars can be modified to run on Harken non-CB track.

Cars are easily removed from t…

Cars are easily removed from the track by freeing the screwpin endstop and sliding them off.

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