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Harken Adds 18 mm Triple Fly Block for High Performance Sport Fishing

Harken announces the addition of the 18 mm triple Fly block to the current inventory of Fly blocks, extending the line's benefits. The block is used for high performance sport fishing and generally placed at the end of an outrigger for trolling.

The triple Fly block is light and small but strong and highly efficient allowing it to handle large working loads and works in purchase systems with 18 mm single and double Fly blocks on outriggers for winning fishing results.

The new block is made of composite fiber-reinforced sideplates, a stainless-steel inner race and rivet, and stainless-steel ball bearings. It is specifically designed with a high strength to weight ratio, sized for fishing, and black in color to match carbon outriggers. And like all Harken blocks, it is designed to thrive in high sun and salt water environments.

The Fly block line is designed to provide strength beyond mass, providing big power in a low-aero package. Designed specifically for small, high-tech line, the efficient blocks have an incredible working load for their small size.