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Last year, Harken introduced a new line of blocks with three major aims:-

  1.  To look smart,
  2.  To be strong and durable,
  3.  To be price conscious.

It needed to cater for all sailors. 

Although the main objective of the project was to make a range of reasonably priced blocks, quality was not a feature that could be compromised in the design and production of the Element range. The blocks needed to be robust and able to handle high loads.

Fact :- The 45mm Element Single Swivel Block (6230) has a maximum working load of 700kg, which is comparable to our smallest 57mm Black Magic Air Single Swivel Block (3226). 

Whilst an Element block will not provide the same low-friction efficiency as our ranges of free-running Black Magic or Carbo blocks, it does provide similar high-load capabilities in a smaller product. This is because it features a strong journal bearing, instead of using low-friction ball or roller bearings. Using a journal bearing also makes the Element blocks extremely low maintenance as there are fewer moving parts. Just make sure they are washed with fresh water!

To ensure that the Element blocks would be strong, long-lasting and robust in all conditions, the side-plates were forged into compound curves with hard-anodised aluminium. Forged aluminium is very strong, particularly when shaped with these curves. It will also withstand abrasion and UV exposure for long periods of time. The sheave is made from the same injection moulded, fibre-reinforced composite material used in our range of Carbo blocks, so is strong and lightweight.p.focus element features_750

Element blocks are available in a number of different sizes and configurations. Accepting line diameters from 8-16mm, the range is offered in 45, 60 and 80mm sizes and each range comprises singles, doubles, triples, fiddles and foot-blocks, along with the option of a cam cleat on certain styles. So, depending upon the size of your boat and the loads the blocks will be subjected to, different systems can be made up for your mainsheet, backstay and more. 

Example Systems:-

A 2:1 mainsheet system can be made with a Single Block (6230 or 6220) and a Cam and Becket (6236 or 6266).

A 3:1 mainsheet system can be made with a Single Block with Becket (6231 or 6261) and a Cam and Becket (6235 or 6265).

A 4:1 mainsheet system can be made with a Fiddle Block (6232 or 6262) and a Fiddle Block with Cam and Becket (6234 or 6264). 

A 6:1 mainsheet system can be made from a Triple Block (6240 or 6272) and a Triple Block with Cam and Becket (6243 or 6275).

Learn more about Element through our Element Blocks Q&A.

If you would like to find out more about our Element range, or would like a specification for your boat, please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Team on sales@harken.co.uk or 01590 689122. 

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