Element Blocks Q&A


Why did Harken develop the Element block line?
It fulfills a demand. Many cruisers, casual racers and day sailors had been asking us to design a line of reasonably-priced, quality blocks that would withstand corrosion and work well for a long time. Element is for them.

Did Harken build a value-priced block patterned on what was already out there? Is Element a completely new solution, or is it an outgrowth of a previous design?
Harken engineers brought all their experience to the table for the project. In order to solve Element's specific design challenge, they started with a clean piece of paper. The Element line was in development and testing for almost 2 1/2 years before it was deemed ready to market.

What were the core requirements?
An efficient, smooth-running line of blocks that had Harken's quality and contemporary look, last a long time, and meet a price point that was competitive in the value-priced segment of the market.

How does Element differ from other value blocks?
Sideplates are forged hardcoat-anodized aluminium. Most blocks available at a similar price employ plastic sideplates surrounding an internal metal yoke. Harken chose forged aluminium because it is much stronger than plastic or cast aluminium.

What are the benefits of forging?
Forging allows us to shape the aluminium sideplates into compound curves, making the blocks even stronger and longer-lasting. The sideplates protect the strong fibre-reinforced sheave and proven bearing system.

Do Elements look like Harken blocks?
Yes. They have the sleek contemporary look Harken is known for. Plus, they work really well. They're also hard-coated and pad printed identically to Harken's high-end blocks. Element blocks will withstand abrasion and UV for a long, long, time.

What block configurations are in the Element line?
Elements are offered in singles, doubles, triples, fiddles, cams and footblocks in 45, 60, and 80 mm sizes. They accept line from 8 - 16 mm.

Can Element blocks be used in a winch-driven mainsheet system?
Yes. Element double and triples are perfect for building 4:1 and 6:1 winch-driven mainsheet systems.

Can I buy an Element Block with a cam?
Yes, 45 mm and 60 mm blocks have variants with cams and metal arms for strength.

Which size of Element blocks should I choose for my boat? 45 mm blocks (typical boat length 22 - 28'), 60 mm blocks (typical boat length 29 - 34'). Please speak to the Harken team for further details.

Where else can Element blocks be used?
Cascaded backstay systems, kicker systems, mastbase applications for leading halyards and any application where a purchase system can be used where light weight and high-end efficiency aren't the primary concern.

Do Element shackle blocks swivel?
Yes. They feature a removable headpost lock that allows the shackle to operate fixed or swivel in either direction to align with the line's path.

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