Glide your way to victory with the original and best marine lubricants from McLube


As the leading brand of performance lubricants for marine application, McLube has continually looked to produce new an innovate products to meet all demands. Working with world leading sailors and organisations including the Volvo Ocean Race McLube products have been tested in the harshest of environments to guarantee the very best performance.

Through the development process McLube has been able to identify the requirement for a range of different products to be used in a variety of different sailing applications to give the best possible results.


SailKote - For Anything Sliding
The McLube spray on dry lubricant is the ideally solution to reduce friction between surfaces, perfect for mainsail slots, bowsprits, spinnaker throats, gnav slides, and pin stop genoa cars. Sailkote is hydrophobic so repels water and stays put where you apply it!

Proven in testing to be the best performing product for longevity and reduction in friction. Now available in a new 300ml can size offering fantastic value for money.

Learn more about SailKote, the original and best marine dry lubricant trusted by champions worldwide - watch the video here

One Drop - For Anything Rolling
A liquid lubricant ideal for application in ball bearing cars and blocks. A common misconception with many sailors is to lubricate blocks with a dry lubricant. While this offers fantastic performance in short term it creates problems, the dry lubricant can over lubricate the bearing race causing the balls to slide rather than roll leading to flat spotting of the bearings and long term friction. One Drop has been developed as a ball bearing conditioner, applied a small amount to a bearing race conditions the balls covering them in a thin film which achieves key properties;

  • Reduction in friction
  • Reduced ball skidding and flat spotting
  • Repels salt and dirt for longer free running

Learn more about One Drop - Watch the video here 

Hullkote - Hull, foil and spar polish and protection.
The ultimate hull finish, environmentally friendly citrus based hydrophobic polish designed for an easier, faster coating application. Hullkote is produced using the same active ingredient suspension as Sailkote to create the same durable chemical bond for longevity.

The polish gives the ultimate in long term protection from dirt, grim and salt. A single application lasts a full year above the waterline and 20 days hard use below the waterline, all with the added benefit of UV protection.

Key in the design process was to make Hullkote fast and easy to apply, the outcome is a simple process of wipe on and straight off, no waiting for it to dry.

Learn more about Hullkote - Watch the video here


Antifoul Alternative - Below the waterline protection
Winner of the Pittman Innovation Award, McLube Antifoul Alternative  is a citrus based foul release polish. This unique polish prevents marine growth and slime from adhering for weeks, perfect for regatta sailing to keep everything below the waterline as fast as possible. McLube Antifoul Alternative is also a great solution for RIB hulls, tubes and propellers.

Fast application, wipe on, wipe off. Non-toxic, non-metallic, non-leaching, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Learn more about Antifoul Alternative - Watch the video here


For further information on McLube polishes and lubricants please contact Harken UK via, 01590 689122 or visit the Harken UK website,


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