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Practical Boat Owner magazine join Harken’s Tech Team for a Reflex furler demonstration


Practical Boat Owner (PBO) deputy editor, Ben Meakins, joined Harken's Alun Hughes and Hannah Cotterell for a morning on the water. The mission for the morning was to see what all the fuss is about surrounding the recently released Harken Reflex furler.

A typical cloudy day in the Solent; the wind picked up to approximately 12 knots as the team demonstrated how quickly and easily the new furling system rolled up for a super tight furl! The team had a chance to pull the furling line and watch the drive unit react reflexively to rotate the torsion cable, instantly transferring torque to the head swivel without unwanted twist delaying the response.

The Reflex furler has a unique T-fitting which allows a single drive unit to handle multiple sails. The rolled sail easily disconnects with the pull of one spring-loaded pin, and the new furled sail slides and locks into the T-slot. Each sail has its own torsion cable, with head and tack swivels permanently fitted to each sail.

"Nothing quite beats seeing a new product in action out on the water as it lets you get a better feel for how the product works in practice," stated Alun Hughes from Harken's Tech Team, "it was a pleasure to have Ben from PBO join us out on the water today!"

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