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    Harken lead rings are simple, weight-saving devices used to route line for jib in-haulers, twings, barber haulers, lazy jacks, cascading backstays and other applications requiring minimal fine-tune adjustments.

    Lead Rings


    Lead rings_150x776A minor trend trickling down from the Grand Prix fleet is the use of simple line leads with no moving parts.

    Harken lead rings are lightweight, easy to rig, and especially suitable where fine-tune applications are not called for.

    These include barberhaulers for both jib and spinnaker sheets, the slow-moving parts of cascades, and Lazy Jacks. In all cases, Harken lead rings do what a block otherwise might.

    Harken lead rings are available in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications (see below). The images shown are just a few examples of how to use them. For advice on Harken lead ring solutions for your boat, give Harken a call and we can discuss.

    Harken lead rings are available in the following sizes.

    Part #Size
    3283NP5 mm
    3284NP6 mm
    32698 mm
    327010 mm
    327114 mm
    327220 mm
    327328 mm
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