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    U-Adaptors & Springs


    U-adaptors-springs.jpgU-adaptors are used to attach blocks to swivel bases, or match blocks to bases with different pin diameters. Springs are used to hold blocks upright when a system goes slack so the block cannot get side loaded, which may cause it to fail.

    U-adaptors are designed to replace shackles, and turn blocks into forkheads.

    To install, precompress the spring with cable ties. This allows you to assemble without fighting the spring. A spring cap is also an important part because it holds the block centered on the spring so everything stays in line and loads evenly.

    With today's advances in rope and materials technology, we are seeing an increased demand for lighter, stronger, go-fast equipment, and an evolving trend toward soft-rope attachments, but there is definitely still room for the spring and shackle or U-adaptor.

    Use care when using a U-adaptor with a swivel. Make sure it is installed right side up or damage will occur.

    Please feel free to contact us for additional advice on U-adaptors, springs and system assembly.

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