Peter Bullick makes donation to RNLI in return for #HERESHARKEN Bobble Hat


When Peter Bullick, a member of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club and owner of an Elan Impression 434, heard of the #HERESHARKEN competition (where you spot a Harken team member wearing a Harken bobble hat, say “Here’s Harken”, and win one for yourself), he decided he had to have one!

As Peter would not be attending any events where he could spot one of these highly sought after bobble hats he decided to make a different offer, donating money to the RNLI Bangor Lifeboat Station Fund Raising Committee in return for one of these exclusive bobble hats!

On closer inspection it turns out Peter is the Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer (LSSO) based at Bangor and Donaghadee Lifeboat Stations in County Down. Peter is also the Souvenir Secretary for the Bangor Lifeboat Fundraising Committee and has been volunteering for the RNLI for fourteen years, assisting the RNLI in its Coastal Safety Programme of preventing the loss of life around the coast of the UK and Ireland.

Peter stated that, “Currently approximately 270 lives have been lost in the past year.  The plan is to reduce this number by 50% by 2024.  The plan will include promoting safety and calling for assistance, before it is too late. This is the message I shall be delivering to all boat owners in my locality, as LSSO.”

We would like to extend our thanks to Peter for sending us this fantastic photo and staying true to his word, we sent our bobble hat out in the post and Peter kindly made his donation.

For more information on the Bangore lifeboat station and the RNLI please CLICK HERE.


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