Harken Spins Up a New Generation of Ratchamatics, Redesigned Inside and Out


    2160.jpgPewaukee, WI—T2™ Ratchamatic® blocks are Harken’s newest to feature the DAME-nominated line’s styling and soft-attachment system. These new 40 and 57 mm auto-ratchets are lashed or spliced through the load-bearing center of the block, decreasing sideplate loads and acting as a safety backup for the system. The soft attachment can lash at varying heights, accommodating a diverse range of beachcat, dinghy, and sportboat deck layouts.

    Ratchamatics automatically disengage for smooth release during jibes and mark roundings, then seamlessly reengage for easy trimming. The T2 Ratchamatic has 50% fewer components than its predecessor for a robust, reliable, and extremely lightweight construction.

    “The soft attachment is a great feature. In addition to drastically reducing weight, you can lash the block at exactly the right height to maintain perfectly fair leads,” commented One-Design Category Manager, Oakley Jones. “Plus our optimized sheave geometry holds the sheet without tearing up the line as you play the shifts.”

    T2 Ratchamatics also feature high-contrast arrows for correct reeving and ratcheting directions at a glance. The block has fiber-reinforced sideplates and a hardcoat-anodized aluminum sheave. All soft-attachment T2 blocks include a complementary Spectra® lashing. More information on Harken ratchets and Ratchamatics can be found at www.harken.com/ratchets.

    Spectra is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.

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