Harken GP Series 4 winners!

Harken Grand Prix Series 4 Review


Tales from the Dales: a poem by Tom Darling

It was a misty morning in the Yorkshire Dales 

It was said to be a light day; no forecast for gales     

We left the shore, a fleet of just twenty  

There were two laps on the board, yet we thought there’d be plenty.  


The Joesbury brothers from the start they lead

Arriving at the final gate, they should put this to bed

Yet they dropped the kite and went back upwind

Elliott and Jake cheekily took the win and grinned.


The second race was upon us, four laps this time

A bullet for the Joesbury’s, the leaderboard they did climb

With a hail from the race officer; “Go in for a break”

Yet the wind was strong and good, for goodness sake.


After the break, the wind had eased

Holding off Crispin left Rowan feeling pleased

Yet the final race of the day was the one to decide

Because the top three were so closely tied.


Tommy’s superior kite work meant he rolled poor Jake

Storming to the finish, leaving the fleet in his wake

So, it was the end of the day, 4 races, no more

We headed in to see what tomorrow had in store.


The next morning the sun rose over our mast

The event was wide open so we had to sail fast

The first race was consistently riddled with shifts

You just had to be on the port lifts.


The second race came but was lacking breeze

Crispin & Hannah reduced the fleet to its knees

By finding the pressure that was incredibly rare

2113 won the Harken GP with a race to spare.


In the final race, Huw flew across the water

Yet got stuck with no wind in the bottom right corner

Crispin and Tommy avoided the light patch

They returned to shore.


Game. Set. Match. Tom Darling 

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