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Cork Week Man in the Van Blog


Friday 11th July

Hello from the final day of racing here at Volvo Cork Week 2014! 

There is very little wind down at the Royal Cork yacht club and with the race committee hoping to get the final two races in today it could be the luck of a shift or puff of wind that decides the final positions within the fleets.

The leader board going into the last is as follows Catapult Ker 40 in IRC1, Quokka Grand Soliae 43 in IRC 2, Storm J109 in IRC 3, Insatiable a Hlaf tonner in IRC4, and a quarter tonner Illes Pitiuses in IRC5. In the sportsboat class Spiced Beef a Cork 1720, and in the white sail fleet Class 1 Foxtrot Beneteau 36.7 and Class 2 Minx 3 a Sigma 33.

It has been a busy week for the riggers of Mast and Rigging Ireland and the Harken Tech service team with a few late nights helping to keep all competitors out sailing at their best.

It has been a very enjoyable week, with the weather staying mostly dry and warm, now all that needs to be done is a few last minute additions before the boats head home.

Good evening Cork Week fans!

The Man in the Service Van  


Thursday 10th July

Well it’s another day here at Cork Week in Ireland!

With more breeze than expected this morning all the boats are now starting to arrive back in from the second day or racing. The white sail fleet are the first boats to arrive back having completed their two races of the day. A few of the class are asking for advice on the their deck hardware and how to keep the balls running free, something that will keep The Man in the Van very busy this afternoon!

The first boat in the IRC fleet is now coming in to dock, and again it’s the Kerr 40 'Catapult' who is also leading Class 1 along with 'Quokka' leading Class 2, showing the pace of two of the boats from the Irish Commodores Cup team. 

As all the boats are now back at the dock the majority of the crews are heading for a well-earned beer, with a few making their way to the van in search of some performance upgrades and a few balls. The unfortunate few are off in search of a friendly sail maker for a few repairs.

That’s all for now, until tomorrow Cork Week followers!

The Man in the Service Van


Wednesday 9th July

Good morning! 

With the first day of racing now over and crews recovering from a very windy day, with a lot of breakages the man in the service van along with the guys from Mast and Rigging were all kept late last night repairing booms, kickers, travellers, broken block systems along with a lot of replacement halyards and sheets.

With the competitors seeing gust between twenty five to thirty five knots on the harbour race course, they are all looking for a calmer day on the outside of the race course; with winds expected to reach seven to ten knots throughout today..

With the #heresharken campaign now in full swing you can start to see the very special harken hats now being worn by some lucky competitors (see images to the right)!

That’s all for now!

The Man in the Service Van


Tuesday 8th July  

Well after a very productive practice day for the Cork Week crews all the starts have been polished to perfection. A few last minute spares and new blocks kept the Man in the Van and the riggers from Mast and Rigging busy today!  With conditions providing light winds the crews had time to perfect their moves in anticipation of the breeze building up to twenty knots for the first day of racing.

There was a flurry of activity this morning with a few more last minute blocks, shackles and halyards needed we were all kept very busy until the boats departed for race start with a building breeze!

I’ve also posted a photo of me in my #heresharken beanie…don’t forget to come find me wearing it to win one for yourself!

That’s all for now, until tomorrow…

The Man in the Service Van


Preparation Day!

It’s the Sunday before the start of the eagerly anticipated 2014 Cork Week, with a few boats still to arrive and the marina filling up. I’ve already had my first service job late last night fixing a genoa traveller control. After a quick rebuild the crew were back on their way and practicing last night.

I will also be wearing my #heresharken beanie from time to time, if you spot me wearing it come along and say “Here’s Harken!” and I’ll give your one to take away with you!

That’s all for now….until tomorrow and the racing begins!

The Man in the Service Van


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