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 Registration Day

Welcome to the start of registration day at the 2014 Pendennis Cup! Spirits of the opening day have been slightly dampened with the constant downpour of rain that is failing to abate ahead of what is set to be a fantastic week of racing.

Let’s hope that by the time the boats go out for their practice the rain will have stopped and the competitors will have a glorious sail. Even with the rain the classic yachts have people hard at work up masts carrying out rig inspections prior to sailing. It’s go here at the Pendennis Cup!

That’s all for now, until tomorrow… 

The man in the service van

Day 1

Welcome to sailing day one!

Well it’s a glorious start to a first day of racing here at the Pendennis cup, unlike yesterday the sun is shining and there’s a light cool breeze in the air. This is a nice change after a very wet registration and practice day where all boats that ventured for a trial-run struggled in the almost non-existent wind, with the highest gust all day averaging around seven knots.

Let’s hope the wind today will be a nice steady breeze enabling all competitors to enjoy a great day out on the water.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The man in the service van

Day 2 

Hello and welcome to sailing day two here at the Pendennis Cup!

With a dry sunny start to the second day of racing and the wind building, there is a buzz of anticipation in the air along with a slight chill from the wind.  As the crews start to make their way down to the pontoons many have their waterproofs at the ready in anticipation of some unpredictable British weather!

After the very light and fluky winds of yesterday tacticians are today rubbing their hands with glee at the prevailing stronger breezes and the excitement of a great days racing ahead.

With spinnakers in the background being wooled in readiness for the first windward mark rounding let’s hope the breeze holds strong; offering yet another fantastic day of racing here in Falmouth.

Until tomorrow…..

The man in the service van

Day 3

Hello from racing day three of the Pendennis Cup!

There was no update yesterday as it was a lay day from racing; however with a bit of rest the crews are now looking refreshed and ready for action. 

There is a hive of activity on the dock today and at the skippers briefing this morning, with crews busy taking on supplies in preparation for the long day of racing ahead. 

As for the weather forecast, it looks as though we are in for light winds of around six to eight knots and for the moment at least the sun is out!

Stay tuned for more updates as the action unfolds!

Until next time…

The man in the service van



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