Harken announce sponsorship of the Musto Skiff Nationals 2014!


    Harken UK are delighted to announce their support for the Musto Skiff 2014 National Championships due to be held at Stokes Bay Sailing Club from the 14-17th August.

    Harken will be providing a range of participant packs and highly sought after prizes during this competitive four day event! The Musto Skiff Class, built by Ovington Boats Ltd. and fitted with Harken deck hardware, is designed for high performance competitive racing.

    We caught up with Musto Skiff sailor Richard Stenhouse to see what kit he uses on his Musto Skiff and what tips he has for the 2014 season. Here’s what he had to say!

    “I’ve used Harken fittings for a long time, starting out when I sailed Lasers. Although you can't change much on a Laser you can choose the ratchet block of which I used the Harken Hexaratchet® Classic SB because the feel on the sheet was just right.

    I then sailed Finn Class for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 which again I had fully harkened. I especially liked the micro block which could take the high loads and when abused by sideways loads wouldn't fail and pull apart.

    In the Musto Skiff I like the auto ratchets for the kite which have good grip on the sheets saving your gloves from wearing out too quick, yet it allows the sheet to run freely when needed during light air manoeuvres.


    Image credit:Tim Olin

    Harken have always been innovative in pushing for greater performance to give you the edge; with lighter weight blocks which are more important in a light boat such as a Musto Skiff.

    Top of my list for hardware is reliability because to lose a race due to gear failure will cost you the event, which when you have travelled a long way to get there, isn't worth the risk.

    McLube Sailkote is perfect for my foils so they slide in and out easily, I have them very still to reduce play in the case, yet I can still stand on them if I swim. I spray the mast track so the sail moves freely in the track, helping sail shape, and I spray kite blocks for less friction on hoists and drops. I also use Robline for my kite sheet and halyards.

    Stokes Bay is a great venue for the Nationals. Over the years we have had some excellent open meetings there with good sailing and good social activities.”

    Richard Stenhouse: Musto Skiff Sailor

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    For details on class guidelines, rules and tuning guides visit the Musto Skiff website.

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