An interview with Dave Evans and Ed Powys'


Where were you both born?

Ed: Cardiff

Dave: Southampton

Are you members of any sailing clubs?

Ed: Home clubs are always changeable but at the moment its TATA Steel sailing club

Dave: Restronguet in the West Country

How long have you been in your current class?

Ed: Quite a lot longer than I thought, about ten years now

Dave: About five or six years - since I got my first 49er

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sailing?

Dave: Strength is just enjoying sailing, biggest weakness is that sometimes when you enjoy it too much you have to remind yourself to push yourself harder.

Ed: I’d like to think I’ve got a good feel for the boat. I probably am not very good when I get rushed

What’s your dream goal?

Dave: Win a gold medal

Ed: Same!

What are your other interests away from sailing?

Dave: I think both of us are generally in the water doing something. I quite enjoy windsurfing, mountain biking and surfing as well.

Ed: Yeah I like to go to Cornwall and go surfing when I can but usually the waves aren’t very good.

What can you tell us about your sailing career to date?

Dave: We’ve both done similar routes, I’ve done Oppie’s then 29er’s. I went to university whilst doing the 49er’s and have been full time for the last five years.

Ed: I was similar I did Oppie’s then did 420’s and was helming for a 49er for a little bit when I started university and then didn’t really do that much while at university. When I finished I came to crew with Dave since 2009.

Where did you go to university?

Dave: Swansea

Ed: Brunel

And what did you study?

Dave: Mechanical engineering which was harder than I thought!

Ed: Product design

What comments do you have about Harken?

Ed: You’re all very friendly!

Dave: Yeah I can agree with that! It’s just that ability to feel you can come and see people, it’s good.

If you could have been present at any sailing event in history what would it have been?

Dave: I would like to think at the games in London

Ed: Oh as a competitor? Yeah!

What has been your biggest sailing mess up so far?

Dave: Quite a common thing is putting the spinnaker up wrong which we managed to do today. Yeah if two people do it, it definitely goes wrong.

What’s your favourite place to sail?

Dave: I think you always enjoy sailing at your home club; I went back there last weekend. Things change but then they don’t really change and everyone’s always interested to see how you’re getting on.

Ed: It’s got to be somewhere warm. I’ve got to say Palma this year was probably up there, big waves and nice and warm!

Who taught you to sail?

Dave: I got taught by two ladies called Fran and Anne up in Cardiff

Ed: Probably my Dad

What type and size of Harken Ratchet Block do you use and why?

Ed: The 40 mm auto ratchets so that’s the three on the boat, the main and two boat sheets


For what applications do you feel soft attachments are most useful?

Ed: We’ve got a couple of them, we’ve got the little one on the mast and one for the jib sheet which is quite good for the purchase so you can dead end it on itself.

What are the key advantages of using the soft attach?

Ed: Less fittings, you can just lash them on and round the mast they are pretty good because they don’t wear.

Which range of blocks do you prefer for your controls?

Ed: We have the 16 mm Carbo T blocks, we’ve got plenty of those on the deck.

What is your preference for type and size of mainsheet?

Ed: We’ve got 6 mm and we’re using the Robline dinghy star

Do you find that this works particularly well with your Harken ratchet block for holding power?

Ed: It’s pretty grippy and it doesn’t fray. I think we’re going to use one mainsheet all year!

What would you say is your life motto?

Dave: Don’t regret anything and just enjoy everything you do

Ed: Try and do more, do as much as you can

What has been your most life changing experience?

Ed: Probably getting teamed up with Dave because otherwise I’m not sure what I’d be doing!

Dave: When you finish university and you go full time it’s quite a big step, it’s not a case of just going sailing, there was quite a difference, everything changes massively.

What are the things that irritate you most?

Ed: I don’t like being rushed! Although whenever I go anywhere I feel like I’m in a rush, I don’t really like it.

Dave: Waiting for Ed when he doesn’t like being rushed!

Are you spontaneous or do you always plan ahead?

Dave: I think we’re more spontaneous but we should definitely plan more ahead.

Ed: We’re getting better at planning ahead!

What is the most important skill you have ever learnt?

Dave: Stuff we were chatting about with our coach the other day about how you can do all your sailing but at the end of the day you are a two person boat and it’s how you two work together, that’s the biggest thing

Ed: Yeah I like that one!

What is the best present you’ve ever given someone?

Dave: Ed broke his hand on his birthday; he got told he wouldn’t be able to sail for like a month. So we got him a ping pong set.

Ed: This question should be easier to answer; maybe I’m not giving enough good presents!

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