New Harken Digital System Switch Provides Trouble-Free Control for Electrically-Powered Yacht Systems


    DSS-Switch_press.jpgPewaukee, WI—Sail and powerboat owners can count on Harken's one-of-a-kind Digital System Switch to provide reliable, trouble-free control for electrically-powered systems on their yachts. This Harken first is accomplished through a unique series of redundancies built into each switch system.

    1. Control buttons send on/off digital signals, rather than non-stop analog signals, preventing accidental system activation—even if system wiring is damaged.
    2. Underneath each control button are two command switches which must operate in unison before a signal is sent.
    3. Watertight seals are never exposed-even in the ON position-eliminating damage—caused by sun and prolonged use.
    4. To make sail trim easy at night, control buttons feature high-contrast arrows or numbers and are backlit for around-the-clock visibility.

    "Even if something damages the system wiring, the encoded digital signal includes redundancies to prevent activation," says Harken engineer, Pietro Binda. "Another original feature is their integrated lighting—no more fumbling in the dark or worry about pressing the wrong button."

    The Digital System Switch cover rotates to expose dual-function activation buttons: 1/2 gear for winches, up/down for anchors, in/out for furling—all housed in a single space-saving system. When the cover is rotated closed to prevent activation, the buttons are clearly marked with the word "OFF".

    Switches are impact-, wear-, and abrasion resistant. Available in black polyamide resin or stainless steel. Double-sided adhesive mounting system for fast installation.

    Digital System Switches are black with red buttons. The three versions have up/down arrows, left/right arrows, or the numbers 1 and 2.

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