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Nick’s Profile

NickT_250 Nick has held a number of titles from a very young age including European Optimist Champion and ISAF Youth World Champion. He was born in May 1986, in Southampton, Hampshire and started sailing aged two sat in a baby seat attached to his Dad’s boat. He has been competing in the Laser class for ten years.

An Interview with Nick Thompson



Long term Harken sailor Nick Thompson visited our Lymington office recently to be interviewed about his current sailing campaign.

Facts about Nick

Current Campaign: British Sailing Team - Podium Squad Laser Sailor

Sailing Club: Royal Lymington Yacht Club

The weirdest boat you have every sailed: Foiling moth - flying on water is a strange sensation

Other Interests - Not sailing: Many - most watersports, cycling, a little boxing

Nick's comments about Harken:        

For me it's a no brainer, not only is it the most reliable kit available, it also works better than any of the competitions.


Questions & Answers

Harken: If you could have been present at any sailing event in history what would it have been?   

Nick: The final race at the Sydney Games with Ainslie and Scheidt.

Harken: What has been your biggest sailing cock up so far?     

Nick: Turning up to a Youth Worlds Selection event in a new boat that turned out to leak so much it sank on the first day

Harken: What is the worst sailing memory you have?

Nick: Being thrown head first out of my Optimist on Hayling Sand-bar, only for the boat then to land on me culminating in a trip to A&E

Harken: Are there any products that you recommend for keeping your boat in tip-top condition and ready for an event?

Nick: McLube, it keeps everything running perfectly

Harken: What type and size of Ratchet block do you use for your mainsheet and why?     

Nick: 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic - it's light and had the best friction to mainsheet wear ratio I've found. Plus it never switches off accidentally.

Harken: What is your preference for size of mainsheet line?   

Nick: 6mm

Harken: Do you find that mainsheet line size works particularly well with your Harken Ratchet block for holding power?

Nick: Yes for the reasons mentioned earlier

Harken: Do you have any nicknames?

Nick: Chickooon, Thompo


Nick is sponsored by: Team GBR, Volvo, Harken

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