All-New Carbo® Pivoting Lead Blocks are up to 25% Lighter


    Carbo-pivoting-lead-blocksPewaukee, WI—Racers can trim even more weight off their mast and boom with new Harken® Carbo® Pivoting Lead Blocks—these high-strength, glass-reinforced composite blocks are up to 25% lighter than the Classic version they replace. With maximum working loads up to 136 kg (300 lb), they're perfect for sheets and halyards on small boats and control lines on larger boats.

    "I was psyched to install the new Carbo Pivoting Lead Blocks on my F-18," says product designer Graham Walker. "I use a 40 mm for the spin halyard and two 29s for the cunningham on my rotating mast. I was able to switch out to lighter blocks that have the same working load and same mounting hold pattern, and now I don't have to worry about corrosion between stainless bases and my aluminum mast."

    Pivoting Lead Blocks allow free mast rotation while still allowing cleating and control from the cockpit. They're also ideal as boom-mounted mainsheet blocks for converting old systems where the skipper has to reach aft to trim the sheet.

    Carbo Pivoting Lead Blocks feature the same hole spacing and rivet size as Classic Pivoting Lead Blocks for easy upgrades. An integrated reversible cam cleat allows you to swap the cleating or uncleating direction—up or down on mastbase configurations and fore or aft on horizontal installations. The high-load ball bearings, sheave, and sideplates are all corrosion proof and UV-stabilized for maximum weather resistance. Carbo Pivoting Lead Blocks are available in 29 mm and 40 mm sizes with aluminum or Carbo Cam® Cleats.

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