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Cowes Week Update - SCA all female Volvo Crew take up the grinder Challenge


Friday 9th August  

With Thursdays racing starting to confirm some of the weeks winning teams the mood in the yacht haven was celebratory. 

Thursday is also Cowes weeks ladies day so the many of the sailing worlds more well known yachts women were in town.  The day closed with Helena Lucas (2.4mR Paralympic gold medalist from London 2012) being awarded the Ladies Day Trophy at the Ladies Day Ceremony. 

With so many ladies in town the grinder challenge was kept busy with the SCA all female Volvo crew competing against themselves. They did not manage to push yesterday's female winner from her top spot and Bertie Whitley won the back pack for best girls time for the day with 7.44 seconds.  

 CowesSCA_250    CowesSCA_500

Today sees a healthy breeze and sunny intervals in cowes.  Many of the fleets have been set long races today so many sailors are not back yet.  The Yacht Haven is already busy with revellers getting ready for the evenings celebrations.  A special congratulations must go to John Corby on Yes overall winner of black group and Malcolm Hutchings on the Squib Lady Penelope overall winner of white group.

We are preparing for a busy weekend ahead with racing in many fleets continuing tomorrow and the infamous Fastnet Race starting on Sunday morning.

Signing out... The Man in the Van

 Thursday 8th August

Following the unpleasant wet and windy conditions seen on Monday, Tuesday could not have been more different.  With light winds and the sunshine returning all classes saw an extended postponement turn into racing abandoned for the day.

Many sailors enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the Yacht Haven and the Harken Grinder Challenge was busy all evening.

Wednesday started light and the wind filled in nicely allowing the race committees to start on time.  Due to the shifty fairly light breeze it was a frustrating day for many on the water and making the right call on where the wind could be found was pivotal.

The evening brought us a new record for the week on our Competition Grinder with the time going below 6 seconds and currently sits at 5.35 seconds, this speed was truly amazing, watch the short video of Ahmed from Oman Air to get a true sense of just how quick he is going.


What will today (Thursday) bring, so far it’s a hazy start to the day with the wind very light again.  Currently all classes are postponed and it looks like it might be another frustrating day for competitors. 

Monday 5th August

After a glorious busy weekend at Cowes the weather has taken a turn for the worse.  

Cowes Week started off with a breezy but sunny Saturday with plenty of sailors walking round in the evening with sunburnt noses.  The wind kicked in on Saturday morning with a brisk breeze to the detriment of many spinnakers and ball bearings.  Shore side service teams were pretty busy all day with crews making last minute upgrades and repairs.

The sunshine remained and the breeze dropped slightly making Sunday an enjoyable day out on the water.  The Harken Tech Team had a quieter day overall but the sunny conditions brought out many competitors for our Grinder Challenge.  The current time to beat is 6.08 (for the boys) and 8.48 (for the girls).

The winner so far...Sam Ayres with 6.08 on his second long will this record last!


Today has seen gusty conditions and as we sit here waiting for the rain to stop we have watched a number of sails walked up to Sailcare for fixing and only the big boys have finished at the moment. Looks like the evening is settling in to be wet and busy.


Signing off... The Man in the Van

Check out our facebook page for the latest grinder competition pictures!


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