Class History

The International Comet has provided massive amounts of fun to sailors of all ages for over 80 years. The 16-foot doublehander was designed in 1932 by Star sailor and builder C. Lowndes Johnson to race in the shallow waters of the Chesapeake and other skinny-water regions of the East Coast. His design combined elements of both the Star and the local shoal-draft Skipjack, capped with a generously-proportioned classic sloop rig. The result? An easily-driven, quick-to-plane, trailerable centerboarder that became an instant hit!

Thanks to the classes’ openness to modern materials, design modifications, and hardware go-fasts, the Comet is thriving with active, strictly-controlled one-design fleets in the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Bermuda. comet_boat-diagram

Boat Specifications

Length: 16 ft (4.877 m)
Beam: 5 ft (1.524 m)
Draft: Board up 6 in (152.4 mm), Board down 3 in (76.2 mm)
Weight: 265 lb (120.202 kg)
Main: 140 sq ft (13.001 sq m)
Crew: 2



C Scow

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The 12:1 vang is double-ended to both sidetanks and is within easy reach of both skipper and crew. Micro cams with Flairleads and 29 mm Carbo® blocks make up this easy to adjust cascade system.

Jib Sheet

Whitecap Composites wanted the strongest, lightest hardware possible on the new Comet, so they chose 40 mm T2 Loop blocks fitted on Harken spring-loaded pinstop cars for their jib leads. The sheet runs from the clew through T2 40 mm ratchets, outboard to 150 mm cam cleats that are angled perfectly for the crew to adjust at full hike.


The Comet's shrouds are mounted on Harken Small Boat traveler cars. When sailing downwind, the shrouds are let forward to get the boom out as far as possible and to let the mast rake forward.

432 - 16 mm Cheek Pivot Block2727 - 22 mm Car - Pivoting Shackle2720 - 22 mm Low-Beam Track468 - Micro Cam-Matic® Cleat293 - Micro Flat Riser2644 - 40 mm Cheek Block263 - 22 mm Heavy-Duty Endstops - Low-Beam, Set of 22148 - 40 mm T2 Loop Soft-Attach Block453.12 - 16 mm Low-Beam Pinstop Track - .3 m450 - 16 mm Pinstop Car - Eyestrap244 - 22 mm Fiddle Block - V-Jam228 - 22 mm Triple Block233 - 22 mm Cheek Block244 - 22 mm Fiddle Block - V-Jam342 - 29 mm Double Block - Swivel424 - Micro Flairlead473 - Micro Carbo-Cam® Kit - Wire Fairlead424 - Micro Flairlead377 - 22 mm Forkhead Block348 - 29 mm Block425 - Standard Flairlead425 - Standard Flairlead425 - Standard Flairlead150 - Standard Cam-Matic® Cleat150 - Standard Cam-Matic® Cleat150 - Standard Cam-Matic® Cleat292 - 22 mm Block - Swivel205 - Standard Low Profile Cam Base - Swivel2135 - 57 mm Ratchet Block - Swivel2650 - 40 mm Block
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