Class History

J/Boats have hit the jackpot with the J/111 one-design. This speedy, easily-driven sportboat is a racer's dream, accelerating in the most gentle of puffs and flat-out planing in a big breeze. But versatility is what revs this 36-footer’s cool factor to 10. The roomy cockpit seats six for daysailing, with controls led to the skipper so crew can enjoy the view. Accommodations below allow a comfortable overnight or weekend getaway. If double-handing is your game, no worries there! Two can easily set, jibe, and drop the asymmetric instead of the normal five or six. J111_sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 36.50 ft (11.10 m)
LWL: 32.70 ft (9.97 m)
Beam: 10.80 ft (3.29 m)
Standard Draft: 7.20 ft (2.19 m)
Standard Ballast: 3,515 lb (1,594 kg)
Displacement: 9,300 lb (4,216 kg)
Engine: 21 hp
100% SA: 663 sq ft (61.6 sq m)
I: 48.37 ft (14.74 m)
ISP: 51.40 ft (15.67 m)
J: 13.85 ft (4.22 m)
P: 45.17 ft (13.77 m)
E: 14.50 ft (4.42 m)
SA/Dspl: 24
Dspl/L: 119



J/1112660: 75mm Carbo block3226: 57mm low-load Black Magic block1559: Midrange fiddle blockHYCS035130350: Single-acting cylinder150: Cam cleat425: Cam flairlead2652: 40mm Carbo stand-up block46.2STP: Performa winch2670: 75mm Carbo ratchet block144: Cam swivel base3226: 57mm low-load Black Magic block46.2STP: Performa winch150: Cam cleat425: Cam flairlead150: Cam cleat425: Cam flairlead40.2STP: Performa winch40.2STP: Performa winch6050: 57mm ESP teardrop block1631: 27mm end controlsG2747B: 27mm genoa lead car2637: 40mm Carbo block, becket2655: 40mm Carbo fiddle block3226: 57mm low-load Black Magic block

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Performa winches

Performa winchesA pair of 46.2STP 2-speed aluminum primaries mount in the cockpit, with 40.2STP secondaries located on the cabintop. Winches are lightweight, powerful, and easy on the sheets, while providing excellent holding power. Spin your Performa in first gear for fast trimming, then switch to second to fine-tune sail shape.

Mastbase blocks

ESP mastbase blocksFive 57 mm ESP teardrop mast collar blocks lead halyards aft. Elegantly simple in their design and construction, they feature sleeve bearings to handle high static halyard loads. Blocks attach directly to the mast collar posts to keep the line close to the deck.

Backstay cylinder

Hydraulic cylinderDetails make the difference when it comes to Harken hydraulic cylinders. Hard Lube-anodized aluminum housing is strong and corrosion resistant. Low-friction, durable seals, long-lasting O-rings and slant springs, and anti-snag clevis pins provide years of reliable service.

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