Class History

Celebrating 75 years, this slim, 24-foot, double-ender designed by Raymond Hunt is a cult classic, with all the go fasts needed to satisfy the most demanding sailor: trapeze, bow-launched asymmetrical or symmetrical chute, and jib roller furler all make this greyhound sizzle. Sailed with two crew, the 110 points like a champ and is born to plane. Its large roomy cockpit and bulb keel provide stability, even in the stiffest of breezes, making this seaworthy superstar a blast to sail and a great choice for sailors of all ages and skill levels.

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Boat Specifications

LOA: 24'0"
LWL: 17'6"
Beam: 4'2"
Draft: 2'9"
Dspl: 910 lb
Mast height: 23'0"
Sail area: 157 sq. ft.
Spinnaker: 100 sq. ft.

International 110


International 1102600 - 57 mm Carbo block2600 - 57 mm Carbo block2600 - 57 mm Carbo block2135 - 57 mm Carbo ratchet block205 - Swivel base2149 - 40 mm T2 block2146 - 29 mm T2 block2147 - 29 mm T2 double block2149 - 40 mm T2 block340 - 29 mm Carbo block349 - 29 mm Carbo stand-up block349 - 29 mm Carbo stand-up block349 - 29 mm Carbo stand-up block493 - Small Boat underdeck furler465 - Hoistable halyard swivel425B - Flairlead150 - Cam cleat469 - Cam kit with wire fairlead

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The vang is double-ended, allowing the skipper to easily play it in the puffs. The 12:1 cascade system lets the skipper quickly depower the main without taking his eyes off the racecourse.

Mainsheet System

The mainsheet is cleated on the Barney Post located in the middle of the boat and can be easily reached from a full hike. This is a great feature because you can keep the boat on its feet in a big breeze.

Underdeck Furler

493 furler with 465 hoistable swivelHaving the furler drum belowdeck keeps the tack height nice and low. The hoistable swivel allows the skipper to quickly adjust the luff tension on the large 150% genoa.

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