Class History

Thanks to a perfect mix of double-digit speed, quick planing, exceptional upwind stability, and tracking, the J/70 is your ticket to fun! J-Boats designed this lively, but easily-sailed sportboat to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of sailors—from performance one-design and club racers, to sailing families. A vertical lifting keel makes trailering and ramp-launching a snap. The large cockpit comfortably holds three adults or four mixed crew.

Since its launch in 2012, the popularity of this 22-foot superstar has soared, with growing fleets and regatta action worldwide. Superbly built by CCF Composites, Bristol, R. I., the J/70 was named 2013 Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine.


Boat Specifications

LOA: 22.75 ft; 6.93 m
LWL: 20.47 ft; 6.24 m
Beam: 7.38 ft; 2.25 m
Standard Draft: 4.75 ft; 1.45 m
Standard Ballast: 630 lb; 286 kg
Displacement: 1,750 lb; 794 kg
Engine: outboard
100% SA: 226 ft2; 21.02 m2
I: 26.77 ft; 8.159 m
ISP: 30.15 ft; 9.19 m
J: 7.68 ft; 2.34 m
P: 26.16 ft; 7.97 m
E: 9.44 ft; 2.88 m
SA/Dspl: 25
Dspl/L: 91



348 - 29mm fixed head Carbo348 - 29mm fixed head Carbo2151 - 57mm T2 block2731 - 22mm Traveler144 - Cam swivel base2151 - 57mm T2 block2135 - 57mm Carbo ratchet2621 - 57mm Carbo fiddle468 - Micro Cam-Matic2135 - 57mm Carbo ratchet468 - Micro Cam-MaticB8A - Winch2135 - 57mm Carbo ratchet150 - Cam cleat150 - Cam cleat2135 - 57mm Carbo ratchet150 - Cam cleat150 - Cam cleat2146 - 29mm T2 block2149 - 40mm T2 block2151 - 57mm T2 block396 - 29mm Carbo pivoting lead396 - 29mm Carbo pivoting lead2149 - 40mm T2 block2146 - 29mm T2 block2149 - 40mm T2 block493 - Small Boat underdeck furler2135 - 57mm Carbo ratchetB8A - Winch

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Underdeck Furler

493The 493 Underdeck furler lowers tack height, maximizing sail area. A ball bearing swivel on the headstay, allows you to raise/lower the jib or adjust luff tension. The jib halyard exits the mast and attaches to a 40 mm 2621 Carbo fiddle; the control line leads through a 40 mm 2148 T2™ Loop block and adjusts using a 396 29 mm Carbo Pivoting Lead block with Carbo-Cam.

Mainsheet System

The 5:1 mainsheet system features 2148 and 2151 Carbo T2 blocks that hang from a Dyneema® strop attached to the boom. A 2621 57 mm Carbo fiddle rides on the traveler car. A 57 mm 2135 Carbo ratchet atop a 144 swivel base finishes the system. The switchable ratchet allows the skipper to turn the ratchet off in light air, or on when grip is needed.

Spinnaker Halyard

2156A 40 mm 2156 Carbo® Pivoting Lead block attaches to the back of the mast. The spinnaker halyard exits the mast at centerline, runs through the 2156, and cleats at a 150 aluminum cam. The 2156 has a weight savings of almost 20% over the stainless version it replaces without sacrificing load capacity.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema.

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