Class History

The Topper is ideal for all levels of racing from the novice to International sailors, because it is light, robust yet simple and easily managed by younger sailors.

With almost 50,000 boats manufactured, the Topper is globally recognized as a successful pathway class for competitive junior sailors.


Boat Specifications

Length: 3.40m
Beam: 1.20m
Draft: 0.75m
Mast height (complete): 5.80m
Boom: 2.20m
Sail Areas:
Standard Mainsail: 5.30m2
4.2 Mainsail: 4.20m2



Topper dinghy352 - 29mm 90° Fixed Head Block348 - 29mm Fixed Head Block2146 - 29mm T2 Soft-Attach Block2135 - 57mm Carbo Ratchet Block340 - 29mm Single Block228 - Micro Triple Block2657 - 40mm Carbo Fiddle

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90-Degree Fixed Head 29 mm Carbo Block

Use this traveler block which provides the perfect alignment for trimming your Topper even when hiking.

29 mm T2™ Soft-Attach Block

Super lightweight and attaches easily to any point provides the reliable flexibility. needed for an outhaul.

6:1 Downhaul System

With a Topper specific Micro Triple base block complete with an extreme angle fairlead for complete control from every angle.

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