Class History

In 1962, the legendary Corny Shields tasked Olin Stephens (Sparkman & Stephens) with designing the Shields One Design. An active promoter, he got the class off to a flying start by donating fleets to US maritime academies as a 3-man training keelboat.

At 30 feet, the Shields is long and sleek. The large mainsail, jib, and conventional spinnaker are balanced by a full keel and attached rudder, making this sloop easy to sail, but challenging to master. No high-tech, go-fast tricks, one new sail a year, and mandatory wet sailing keep older boats competitive for highly tactical racing.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding built the first Shields in 1963 and the boat continues to be produced by this well-known yard. The class is active in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and California.


Boat Specifications

Length overall: 30 feet, 2-1/2 inches
Waterline length: 20 feet
Beam: 6 feet, 5-1/4 inches
Draft: 4 feet, 9 inches
Displacement: 4,600 lbs. (excluding sails, spars, rigging)
Keel: 3,080 lbs.



49er Mainsheet Traveler System
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Shields Jib System088 - 29 mm Through-Deck Block396 - 29 mm Pivoting Lead Block348 - 29 mm Carbo Block3226 - 57 mm Low-Load Black Magic Block2621 - 57 mm Carbo Fiddle2674 - 57 mm Carbo Fiddle, Ratchet, Becket459 - X-Treme Angle Cam-Matic Kit2625 - 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic453.18 - 18" Dinghy Jib Track352 - 29 mm 90° Fixed Carbo Block2110 - Shackle450 - Dinghy Jib Lead2146 - 29 mm Carbo T2 Block453.18 - 18" Dinghy Jib Track
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Jib Sheets

A 2:1 jib sheet uses class-mandated jib track layout to mount a 450 dinghy jib car with T2™ 29 mm lead block to clew-mounted 29 mm Carbo® 90-degree blocks with bow shackle for quick rigging/unrigging. The athwartships track with a 57 mm Carbo® Ratchamatic turns the line 180 degrees to the cockpit. The 459 X-Treme Angle Fairlead on top of the 150 cam cleat makes cleating the jib sheets from the cockpit or the windward rail a snap.

Shields Mainsheet & Traveler Systems2145 - 57 mm Ratchamatic Flip-Flop Block348 - 29 mm Carbo Block088 - 29 mm Through-Deck Block2621 - 57 mm Carbo Fiddle2621 - 57 mm Carbo FiddleT2703B - 27 mm Traveler, Stand-Up Toggle348 - 29 mm Carbo BlockR27.1.8M - 1.8m 27 mm Traveler Track350 - 29 mm Carbo Cheek Block089 - 29 mm In-Line Exit Block
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Mainsheet System

The 2145 57 mm Ratchamatic® Flip-Flop Block with cam cleat is perfect for quick tacks and fast release of large mainsails. Coupled with an internal 2:1 fine-tune in the boom, a Carbo® Pivoting Lead Block (headknocker) provides fingertip control of the mainsheet.


The radiused R27 traveler track mounts on the curved aft deck. Spacers ensure that leech tension is constant as the traveler is eased. The traveler car with stand-up toggle and single control block creates a 2:1 gross-trim above deck, then turns 180 degrees across the aft deck, turns forward and goes belowdeck. A 3:1 or 4:1 fine-tune runs along the long, narrow underside of the sidedecks.

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