Class History

Designer/builder Brian Bennett wanted an affordable sport boat that was technical, superfast, and long-lived; one that appealed to sailors from junior to the experienced; and that fit into a 20-foot container for international travel. Crewed by two or three, the VX features a plumb bow, a lightweight but tough planing hull, carbon-fiber spars, flat-top mainsail, and chines that run from transom to bow. In the right conditions, the VX can hit 20-plus knots.

The 19-foot VX One Design is available with three different sail plans to cover a wide range of skill levels. It was SAIL Magazine’s Best Boats 2012 Winner in the Performance 30ft and Under category.


Boat Specifications

LOA = 19′/5.79 m
LWL = 18.83′/5.74 m
Beam = 7.17′/2.19 m
Sail Area Main + Jib = 215 sq ft./19.97 sq m.
Sail Area Gennaker = 280 sq ft./26 sq m.
Draft, keel down = 4.33′/1.32 m
Crew Weight tolerance = 380 – 450 lbs (2-3 person)

VX One-Design


VX One-Design2148 - 40 mm T2 Soft-Attach Block2135 - 57 mm Carbo Ratchet435 - Small Boat Furler464 - Hoistable Halyard Swivel2608 - 40 mm Carbo Ratchet365 - Carbo-Cam Cleat2148 - 40 mm T2 Soft-Attach Block

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Hoistable Swivel and Furler

The VX uses a 435 Small Boat furler tucked into the bow to keep the jib tack low and the jib out of the way when launching or retrieving the boat. The 464 hoistable ball bearing halyard swivel allows the sail to be raised and lowered without removing the headstay. The swivel is independent of the headstay so the luff can be tensioned separately from the mast rake.

VX One-Design Self-Tacking Jib352 - 29 mm 90-Degree Fixed Head Carbo Block352 - 29 mm 90-Degree Fixed Head Carbo Block2700 - 13 mm Micro Car2707.1.2M - 13 mm Micro Track205 - Cam Swivel Base150 - Cam-Matic Cleat425B - Flairlead2656 - 40 mm Carbo Fiddle, Becket349 - 29 mm Carbo Stand-Up Block

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Micro Track and Self-Tacking Jib

The custom 13 mm Micro track is curved to a ‘W’ shape allowing the jib to come as far aft as possible. A 2700 Micro car with a 352 Carbo AirBlock® runs on the track. The travel of the car and the jib sheet are controlled from the cockpit with a 205 swivel base. The base features a 2656 Carbo Fiddle mounted upside down under the forward coaming. Two 150 Cam-Matic® cleats—one facing up, the other down—bolt to the arm of the 205 swivel base. The jib sheet leads through the upper cam, the jib car control through the bottom. The base swivels from side to side to keep both control lines together within easy reach.

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