Class History

When young sailors are too big for an Optimist, but too light for a Laser, the International BYTE was designed as the perfect transitional single-hander. Designed by Ian Bruce for sailors between 105 and 165 lbs., the cat-rigged Byte is 12 feet, but comes with plenty of tools to keep it moving flat and fast. The Byte CII has been chosen for two Youth Worlds, the IOC Youth Olympic games in 2010, and will again be the boys and girls one person dinghy at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. The 2013 Worlds are scheduled to be in Newport, Rhode Island August 23-28, which will also be the first qualifier for the Youth Olympic Games. The North American builder is Zim Sailing. Byte-CII_sailplan

Boat Specifications

Length: 12 ft.
Beam: 4 ft 3 in.
Sail Area: 58 sq. ft.
Weight (Car Top): 100 lbs.

Byte CII


Byte CII391 - 16 mm Hook-in Block432 - 16 mm Cheek Block2698 - 18 mm Carbo T18 Block341 - 29 mm Carbo Becket Block237 - Bullseye Fairlead466 - Forkhead Wire Block2698 - 18 mm Carbo T18 Block2698 - 18 mm Carbo T18 Block417 - 16 mm Swivel Block2655 - 40 mm Carbo Fiddle2637 - 40 mm Carbo Becket Block470 - Mico Cam-Matic with X-Treme Angle Fairlead468 - Micro Cam Cleat2703 - Micro Loop Car2135 - 57 mm Carbo Ratchet071 - Stand-up Spring2707.600MM - Micro Track7100.36 - 36-inch Tiller Extension

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Controls for the 12:1 vang are led to both sides of the cockpit for easy trimming. This powerful system uses a mixture of high-strength wire blocks, lightweight T18s, and small, strong 16 mm blocks.


The 4:1 double-ended system uses a 16 mm hook-in block that attaches to the clew of the sail. Two T18s—Harken’s lightest blocks ever—add purchase. Control lines are lead aft to clam cleats on either side of the foredeck and are well within reach while hiking.


The Byte CII has a mid-cockpit traveler that allows lighter weight sailors to depower the sail more easily. Two Micro traveler cars run on a low-beam Micro track. A bridle attached to the cars allows sailors to sheet the boom to the center of the cockpit without adjusting car settings on each tack. When the breeze pipes up, a short dump of each car sets the boom to the correct location every time.

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