Class History

The Ultimate 20 is a manageable 21-footer that is a great choice for sailors who want sportboat speeds without feeling overpowered and intimidated. Jeff Canepa headed up the U20 star-studded design team, developing a wide-beamed boat with an open cockpit that provides crew a stable platform upwind, but gets up and moves off wind without ever feeling out of control. Features include a partially full-battened mainsail, a roller furling jib and large asymmetric spinnaker set on a sprit. The keel is fully retractable for trailering. Below, a forward V-berth and 2 mid-quarter berths provide quarters for weekend adventures. U20_Line_Drawing

Boat Specifications

LOA: 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL: 18 ft.
Draft (keel down): 5 ft.
Draft (keel up): 9 in.
Displacement: 1260 lbs.
Ballast: 450 lbs.
Mainsail: 205 ft. sq.
Jib: 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker: 452 ft. sq.
PHRF (max. sugg.): 485 ft. sq.
Bow Sprit: 6.0 ft.

Ultimate 20


Ultimate 20 Mainsheet System57 mm Fiddle - 262157 mm Carbo becket - 260122 mm Traveler Car - 273129 mm Carbo becket - 341150 Cam Cleat425 Flairlead22 mm Single End Control - 274029 mm Stand-Up Block - 349144 Cam Swivel Base57 mm Carbo ratchet - 213522 mm Low-Beam Track - 2720.1M


Strong, lightweight Carbo fiddle, singles, and ratchet block make up this 4:1 system which easily handles the 19 m² (205 ft²) mainsail. The ratchet's 144 swivel base rotates to keep the mainsheet in easy reach. The free-rolling, high-load traveler car rides on 22 mm Small Boat track. Double sheave end controls provide a 3:1 purchase that leads to both sides of the cockpit for easy trimming by skipper or crew.

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Ultimate 20 Jib Sheet System29 mm Carbo T2 Block - 214657 mm Carbo Ratchet Block - 2135071 Stand-Up SpringDinghy Jib Lead Car - 45024' Dinghy Jib Track - 453.24

Jib System

The Small Boat furler quickly rolls the jib out of the way at dockside and unfurls easily at the leeward mark. The 2:1 jib sheets use 29 mm T2™ blocks lashed directly onto the clew of the sail. 75 mm Carbo ratchets shackled onto the jib lead offer an exceptional 15:1 holding power.

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