Class History

Designed in 1911 by Francis Sweisguth, the two-man Star is simple enough for the novice, but complex enough to challenge the world's best. It has been an Olympic class since 1932. The Star features a sleek, lightweight hull and powerful sailplan. A flexible spar can be tuned to "depower" when the breeze kicks up. The large main is infinitely adjustable. One race on a Star often hooks sailors for life. star-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 6.9 m - 22.7 ft
Beam: 1.7 m (5.7 ft)
Draft: 1.0 m (3.3 ft)
Weight: 671 kg (1479 lb)
Sail Area: 26.5 sq m (285 sq ft)



International Star57 mm Carbo T2 - 2151Micro Fiddle with V-Jam & Becket - 2451 Inch Wire block - 300Large Swivel Cam Base w/412 Cam-Matic - 40357 mm Carbo Double Ratchamatic - 263429mm Carbo Double - 34229mm Carbo Double/Becket - 34340mm Carbo Fixed Double - 264257mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 2625Cam-Matic Cam Cleat - 150Cam-Matic cleat with X-Treme Angle Fairlead - 459Radial Vang Wire Block - 38422mm Radial Vang Traveler Car - 38222mm Low-Beam Traveler Track - 2720.2.5m57mm Carbo T2 - 2152

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Double Ratchamatic® Mainsheet

Shift gears from 2:1 to 4:1 as smoothly as a high-performance sportscar by simply letting go of one line. The double swivel cam keeps both gross-trim and fine-tune close at hand. The load-sensing ratchet shuts off in light air for smooth easing.

"The two-speed mainsheet system helps with leeward mark roundings, jibes, and pumping the main. The load-sensing Ratchamatic® also lets me ease faster at the weather mark than a standard ratchet does." — Mark Reynolds, Star World Champion.

International Star Vang System29 mm Carbo T2 - 2146Micro Traveler CB Loop Car - 2703 High-Beam Micro CB Track - 2709.1M29 mm Carbo T2 - 21462 inch Block Wire Line - 384Small Boat CB Car - 382Mircro Traveler for CB Car - 2703High-Beam Micro CB Track - 2709.1MSmall Boat Low Profile Track - 2720.2.5m

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Carbo T2™ Jib Cars

Lightweight Carbo T2 soft-attach blocks are drawn snug to the body of the Micro CB car for a clean deck sweep.

Radial Vang Traveler

Harken's sculpted aluminum car is machined to accommodate the tight vang radius on Star boats. A simple high-load block is recessed to prevent block-to-block vanging.

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