Class History

This popular racing dinghy has an active international class association that attracts some of the best sailors in the world. The boat's bendy rig and simple sail plan allows a broad range of crew combinations and weights to make this modern, tactical racer great fun to sail. snipe-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 15 ft 6 in (4.7 m)
LWL: 13 ft 6 in (4.1 m)
Beam: 5 ft (1.5 m)
Sail Area: 128 sq ft (11.8 sq m)
Weight: 381 lb (173 kg)



International snipe29 mm T2 Single - 214616 mm Fixed Single - 40416 mm Fixed Single - 40440 mm Carbo Single Loop - 214857 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 265029 mm Carbo Swivel w/Becket - 341Dual Universal Lead Sheave - 161Micro Block Double - 22629 mm Carbo Swivel - 34029 mm Carbo Standup - 349Micro Block Triple - 22875 mm Carbo Ratchetmatic - 267029 mm Carbo Standup - 349Aluminum Cam-Matic Cam Cleat - 150Large Swivel Cam Base - 144

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Whisker Pole Launching System

The Snipe uses a retractable boom-launched whisker pole. The crew deploys the pole with an automatic cleating system led through two 29 mm Carbo stand-up blocks. Two 29 mm T2 Carbo blocks hold up the whisker pole line.

Carbo Ratchamatic Mainsheet®

Use this revolutionary load-sensing ratchet as a secondary mainsheet ratchet to give the skipper extra holding power upwind. As the load decreases around the weather mark, the ratchet automatically turns off for a smooth release.

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