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Class History

At 21.5 feet, the Mini 6.5 Meter is a supercharged small keelboat that is over canvassed, sports a mast almost twice its length, and has been clocked in excess of 20 knots. The active circuit culminates every two years in the Mini Transat, a solo 4,000-mile battle from France to Brazil. With 70-plus boats on the starting line, competitors range from professional to amateur. All compete for the personal challenge and to test mental limits. The Mini is a development class designed to a box rule. Proto (one off) boats feature carbon sandwich construction and canting/sliding keels and daggerboards. Production boats or 'Series' are simpler, featuring aluminum spars and fixed keels. mini6.5-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

Length: 6.5 m (21.5 ft)
Beam: 3.0 m (10 ft)
Draft: 2.0 m (6.5 ft)
Rig Height: 14.0 m (46 ft) bottom of keel
Freeboard: 0.75 m. (2.4 ft)
Main boom: Can't project aft of transom
Ballast: Maximum 400 kg (882 lb) water or lead bulb: not more than 450 mm 17.7 in X 450 mm (17.7 8 in) in cross section

Mini 6.5 Meter


49er Mainsheet Traveler SystemMicro Block Triple w/Cam -  23057 mm High Load w/Becket 321640 mm Carbo T2 Single - 214929 mm Carbo T2 Single- 214640 mm Carbo T2 - 2149Small Boat CB Car for Loop Block - 2732Small Boat CB Traveler Controls - 274057 mm Carbo T2 Loop - 2151Cam-Matic w/X-treme Fairlead- 45957 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop  - 2151Self-Tailing Single Speed Winch - 20STAMicro Double w/Beck - 22757 mm Single Loop  - 321440 mm Carbo Double  - 263840 mm Carbo Double - 2638Single-Speed, Self-Tailing Winch  - 20STASmall  Swivel Cam Base - 20557 mm Carbo Ratchet - 213529 mm Carbo Double w/Swivel - 342Micro Cam-Matic Cam Cleat  - 46829 mm Carbo Stand-up - 349Cam Flairleads - 424

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Running Backstay/Checkstay

Two-part system: a runner/checkstay combination controls mast bend and headstay tension at two different points on the mast. The runner features 57 mm Black Magic® AirBlocks®, while the checkstay uses a floating system of lightweight Micro blocks.

Adjustable Genoa Lead Cars

Recirculating ball bearings allow genoa lead cars to easily adjust loaded sheets from the safety of the cockpit. Low-profile, lightweight Small Boat track and traveler car features 29 mm Carbo T2™ control blocks to adjust tackle. A 40 mm Carbo T2 block on the car provides a fair lead.

6:1/24:1 Mainsheet System

Features a gross-trim/fine-tune system that sheets from the center of the cockpit. Carbo blocks reduce weight by 30% and are 60% stronger than Harken Classic blocks. A 57 mm Carbo T2™ block attaches with high-strength Spectra® line. Fore and aft/awthwartship configurations minimize twisting and spread the load. The soft attachment always provides a fair lead.

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