Class History

Designed by Canadian naval architect Steve Killing, the Fusion 15 fills the gap between tip-over-at-the-dock racers and gunkholing daysailers. This two-person performance dinghy is comfortable, stable, and easy to sail, but provides plenty of excitement on fast planing reaches. To make sail handling even easier, the Fusion 15 features a self-tacking jib on a roller furler. Optional asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze packages are also highly recommended. Sailing schools are a real part of the Fusion mission, and provide the ideal vehicle for young sailors as they progress up the learning curve.

Boat Specifications

LOA: 15' 8" (4.8 m)
Jib/Main: 142 sq. ft (13 sq. m)
Spinnaker: 79 sq. ft (13 sq. m)
Hull Weight: 290 lb (131.5 kg)
Beam: 5'6" (1.6 m)

Fusion 15


Fusion 15Small Boat Furling System 43490 Degree Fixed Head - 265990-Degree Fixed Head - 2659Micro Block Double w/Becket - 227Micro Block Triple w/Becket -230Large Swivel Cam Base - 14457 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 262516 mm Fixed Single - 40416 mm Fixed Single - 404Micro Line-Shedding End Stop - 2706Micro Line-Shedding End Stop - 2706Micro CB Traveler Car for Ti-Lite - 27031 Meter Micro Track - 2707.1m29 mm Carbo Cheek Block - 350

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Self-tacking Jib

The self-tacking jib features the 2707.1 Micro track and Micro CB car for single-handed sailing.

Small Boat Furling

The 434 Small Boat furling system lets you set and furl the jib from the cockpit.

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