Class History

The Formula 18 fleet is one of the fastest growing in the world. Electrifyingly quick, these double-handed, twin-trapeze and technically-exciting speed machines are designed to a box rule that allows a variety of builders to manufacture similar boats with similar performance. Fair racing is insured for male, female, and mixed crews by using corrector weights and two sizes of jibs and spinnakers. F18-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

Platform: 5.52 m (18 ft) long/
2.60 m (8.5 ft) wide
Mainsail: 17.00 sq m (183 sq ft)
Jib: 3.45 sq m (37 sq ft) /
4.15 sq m (45 sq. ft)
Spinnaker: 19.00 sq m (204.5 sq ft) / 21.00 sq m (226 sq ft)
Mast length : 9.1 m (30 ft)

Formula 18 Catamaran


F18Crossbow Pivoting Self-Tacking Jib System2698 - 18mm T2 block2625 - 57mm RatchamaticHC8454 - 57mm Carbo240 - Bullseye Swivel BaseHC7668 - 57mm Carbo 5-sheave block2757 - 22mm Traveler car2625 - 57mm Ratchamatic2146 - 29mm T2 block2625 - 57mm Ratchamatic396 - 29mm Carbo pivoting lead block396 - 29mm Carbo pivoting lead block240 - Bullseye swivel base2625 - 57mm Ratchamatic2698 - 18mm T2 block2149 - 40mm T2 block404 - 16mm block416 - 16mm Cheek block2146 - 29mm T2 block2146 - 29mm T2 block2698 - 18mm T2 block

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Crossbow Pivoting Self-Tacking Jib System

This self-tacking jib system features a curved track that hinges to align both car and track with the sheet loads for less friction, more load-bearing capacity, and a lighter-weight design.

Spinnaker Sheet System

Four 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic blocks make up this powerful system—two ratchets per side double the sheet holding power. Ratchet mechanism automatically engages/disengages as loads increase or decrease.


396The 16:1 cunningham system is the gas pedal on these boats. Contained in a compact package at the base of the spar, crew can power and depower the main from the trapeze.

10:1 Mainsheet

10:1 Carbo mainsheetThe 57 mm Carbo 5-sheave, HC7668 block and HC8454 provide the muscle for this 10:1 low-profile mainsheet system. Sheaves roll freely in both directions under low loads. Ratchet makes it easy to hold and ease loaded lines.

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