Class History

Celebrating its 50th year, the Buccaneer's designer was speed genius Rod MacAlpine Downie and originally commissioned by the Chrysler Marine division. The Buccaneer 18 is a wide-beamed and powerful sit-in dinghy. With a roomy cockpit and easily handled controls, the double-handed "Bucc" is manageable by one and can accommodate as many as three people. She is fast and planes in 8-10 knots. Well-balanced, self-righting, and self-bailing, the Bucc is embraced by a lively class that spans from Alaska and Toronto to South Carolina and Arizona. buccaneer-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 18 ft (5.4 m)
Draft: 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m)
Beam: 6 ft (1.8 m)
Weight: 500 lb (226.7 kg)
Main/Jib: 175 sq. ft (16 m)
Spinnaker: 178 sq ft (16.5 m)

Buccaneer 18


Baccaneer Deck LayoutSmall Boat HL Furling-43540 mm Triple Carbo Block-264040 mm Triple Carbo Block w/Becket - 264157 mm Carbo Block-260057 mm Carbo Block w/Becket - 260157 mm Carbo Block-2600Swivel Cam Base/150 Cam-Matic-14457 mm Ratchet Block - 2135
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Mainsheet System

The 6:1 mainsheet features six lightweight Carbo blocks in series for smooth, low-friction trimming. The system is simple, fast to rig, and utilizes a swivel cam base for easy cleating at any angle.

Buccaneer Rig Tension40 mm Triple Carbo-264040 mm Triple Carbo w/Becket-2641

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Rig Tension System

To tension the shrouds and jib forestay/halyard, a track on the mast is adjusted with an underdeck double-triple block purchase. The control line exits the purchase to the cockpit for convenient midrace access upwind or downwind. It provides up to 400 lb of forestay tension for high-performance sailing in strong winds or minimal tension in light air.

Buccaneer Small Boat FurlingSmall Boat High Load Furler-435Hoistable Furling Swivel - 464

Small Boat Furling

The low-friction Harken Small Boat Furler lets the crew set and furl the jib from the cockpit. Multiple stacked races of ball bearings let it rotate easily under load.

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