Class History

"Talk about fun, at 75 kg (165 lb) with a 9 m (30 ft) mast, the A Cat is one of the most amazing boats on this planet. This is the result of a very simple box rule that only measures four things; length, width, weight and sail area. They are so slippery; you fly up wind silently and can tack through 70 degrees. Downwind they are fast, lively, and loose. Above 9 knots downwind you sit on centerline, fly a hull and send it.

The A Cat may be easy to sail, but very hard to sail well. It is an apparent wind game. Being so light it accelerates/decelerates quickly. The good guys are trimmed right and going; make one mistake and they are gone. I have a very high regard for the cat sailors here and foster no false illusions of how challenging this regatta will be. It will make me a better sailor, I know that much. This reminds me of learning how to sail and race 18-footers ten years ago; we thought we'd never learn. It is going to be fun watching all the cat legends perform: Pete Melvin, Glenn Ashby, Randy Smyth, Lars Guck, Scott Anderson, Mike Drummond, Luc du Bois, Mitch Booth, Charlie Ogletree, Jay Glaser, Pease Glaser and more."
—Howie Hamlin A-class-cat-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

Minimum weight: 75 kg (165 lb)
Maximum boat length: 5.49 m (18 ft)
Maximum width: 2.30 m (7.5 ft)
Maximum sail area including mast: 13.94 sq. m (150 sq ft)

A-Class Catamaran


A-Class Catamaran16 mm Thru-Deck Block - 42116 mm Forkhead Block - 37616 mm In-Line Exit Block - 368Piveting Exit Block w/ Cam - 39640 mm Carbo Quad Block - 265416 mm single w/swivel -41740 mm Triple Swivel Ratchet w/Cam and 29 mm Becket -2619Pivot Bullet w/Exit Cam - 39629 mm T2 Block - 2146HL Small Boat CB Car w/Fixed Sheaves - 2729X-Treme Angle Fairlead for 365 - 375Micro Thru-Deck Block - 242Carbo Cam Kit w/X-Treme Fairlead - 45829 mm Carbo T2 - 2146Cam Base w/Swivel Bullseye - 241Micro Block Double - 226Micro Block Double - 22629 mm Carbo T2 Block - 2146Micro Block Triple - 228Micro Thru-Deck Block - 242Carbo Cam Kit w/X-Treme Fairlead - 458Carbo Cam Kit w/ X-treme Fairlead

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The 2:1 outhaul system controls the shape of the foot of the main. Upwind, a tight outhaul flattens the foot. Loosening the outhaul increases the draft for light air or off wind sailing.


The 12:1 cascaded cunningham controls luff tension at the leading edge of the sail. Contained in a compact package inside the spar, the double-ended system allows crew to quickly power or depower the sail from the trapeze.


A 40 mm Carbo Ratchamatic® controls this powerful 8:1 system. The ratchet mechanism in the sheave automatically engages as loads increase. When eased, the ratchet automatically disengages, allowing unloaded sheets to run out instantly during mark roundings and jibes. The lower block rotates so the sheet follows the driver on both tacks.

A-Class CatCarbo Cam Kit w/X-Treme Fairlead -458Carbo Cam Kit w/X-Treme Fairlead - 458High Beam, Heavy Duty Small Boat Endstops - 26429 mm Carbo T2 Single - 2146High Load Small Boat CB Car w/Fixed Sheaves - 2729Cam Base w/Swivel Bulls Eye - 241Small Boat High Beam Track w/100 mm hole spacing - 2725.3.6MX-Treme Angle Fairlead for 365 - 375

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Mainsheet Traveler

The primary use of the mainsheet traveler is to de-power the boat when sailing downwind. This 2:1 system lets the car run downhill rapidly, but still has the muscle to haul the car to weather.

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