Class History

If you enjoy both class racing and cruising, the X-99 is a great choice. Launched in 1985 by X-Yachts, an amazing 100 boats were sold in the first week. To date, more than 600 of these fast 33-footers have been built, with established fleets and world class racing in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, UK, Hong Kong and Sweden. The deck layout is geared toward making the boat crew friendly, efficient to sail, and race ready out of the box. The cast-iron keel has a lead shoe bolted underneath for a low center of gravity to keep crew off the rail. The fractional rig features spreaders raked aft 5-degrees. This allows a margin of safety when tacking or jibing without the runners on, but provides a significant performance gain when using the runners during racing. x99-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 10 m (32.8 ft)
LWL: 8.5 m (27.8 ft)
Max Beam: 3 m (9.8 ft)
Ballast 1,300 kg ( 2,870 lb)
Main: 32.2 sq. m (348 sq. ft)
Genoa 150% 0 39 sq n (323 sq, ft)
Genoa 100%: 20 sq. m (215 sq. ft)
Storm Jib: 85 sq. m (914 sq. ft)



X99.gif57 mm High Load Block - 321557 mm Carbo Triple - 260457 mm Carbo - 260057 mm High Load w/'Becket - 321657 mm Carbo Double w/Becket -2603 Large Swivel Cam Base - 144Aluminum Two-Speed Winch - 35.2STAAluminum Two-Speed Self Tailing Winch - 46.2STA57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 2625Carbo Racing Foil 7000.12m
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x99-top.gifSmall Boat CB Traveler Controls - 2740Small Boat Trim Caps - 2722small Boat CB Double Traveler Controls - 274240mm Carbo w/Becket - 263757 mm Carbo T2 Block - 21521250 Small Boat CB Windward Sheeting Car - 2746Aluminum Tw0 Speed, Self Tailing Winch - 35.2STASmall Boat High Beam Trim Caps - 272357 mm High Load Foot Block 3220Small Boat End Stops - E2200Small Boat High Load CB Car w/Swivel Ears - 2754Small Boat High Beam Track w/100 mm Hole Spacing - 2725.1.8mSmall Boat Low Profile Track - 2720.3mTwo-Speed Aluminum Winch - 46.2STA
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Windward Sheeting Mainsheet Traveler

The cams on the windward sheeting traveler car open and close automatically. This allows the trimmer to stay on the boat's high side and pull the car above the centerline without releasing the leeward control line. Tack, and the car stays in the same position, ready to be pulled to the new weather side.

Adjustable Genoa Lead System

Our ball bearing genoa lead cars make it easy to adjust sails under full-sheet loads without tacking. This reduction in friction and weight savings achieved using the T2™ block makes this a powerful lightweight package.

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